Terry Shipley

Ceramic Jar Vases with Flowers

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All of my previous vases have been functional. The "Jars" are not.  They came about recently while looking at unfired cylinder pieces thread on a totem stand in my studio. Maybe two years they sat there waiting.  The Jars do not have bottoms and everything else is attached.


ArtPop 2015

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So excited to be part of ArtPop 2015! 

This image of my ceramic vases and flowers is part of a group of 20 exciting artists of various mediums, chosen to participate in ArtPop 2015. For a year our images will be seen on billboards throughout the Charlotte metropolitan area. Our pieces will be seen in various locations during 2015, so let me know if happen to drive by!!

This project is sponsored by Adams Outdoor Advertising Charlotte, {a huge thank you}, "driving force", Wendy Hickey, from Adams, and the Arts and Science Council of Charlotte. YIPPIE!


Ceramic Tile and the Hallway Phone Nook!

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My client had the most wonderful idea for their bungalow's hallway phone nook. Do you remember those?! They wanted to install a ceramic piece to fit into the approximate 10" space with the lovely arch. It no longer served as the land line's main connection, so what better space to install art!!

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I use white earthenware from a slab construction, then begin painting underglazes before firing.

Suz tile, 1900x150.jpg