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Creative Process

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I have recently been reading and thoroughly enjoying a book entitled INSPIRATION Tricia Guild. She is a British designer who has created fabrics, wall papers, and furnishings since 1970. The book is a glimpse into what inspires her creative process. For many years I have been collecting images from magazines, books, packaging, cards...all sorts of things, as Tricia Guild puts it "waiting to connect in some way...one of these images will come into my head, an idea for a design." It's spontaneous and often how inspiration works for me. The photographs in the book are spectacular!!

A particular artist she shares with us is Marc Quinn, also British, born in the mid 60's. The image I have included here...yes, I know it is sideways and no matter how I have tried to correct this, it has a mind of its own...please turn your head sideways to view!...is a piece he entitles Garden, 2000. What is totally fascinating about this work is that it is a whole garden full of plants which could never grow together kept in cryogenic suspension in a glass case...a frozen garden!! Wow!