Terry Shipley

It's a dog's world - thank goodness!

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This is eight month old Harley, the wonderful rescued dog. After a felonious beginning Harley is being fostered by my wonderful neighbors Seana and Bob. We're looking for the perfect home and in the mean time enjoying spending lots of time running and playing in Seana and Bob's giant backyard. I am impressed by the spirit of this great dog and his desire to be loved by his people. Neglect and animal abuse is a horrible issue to come face to face with and we all count Harley lucky to be out of his previous situation. Meet the Black and WhiteParty Dog. I suppose you can guess that he is part of the Party Animal Series. He stands about 11" and also wants to be loved by his people. The third image is a Warhol print from the Mint show. Andy must have known my dog Louie, another great dog. Louie was rescued from the streets of Elizabeth about seven years ago. It's a dog's world don't ya know!!!!